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Project Planning

Workpackage 1 - Specification of mobile Learning Management System (mLMS)

This work-package is a 24 month undertaking. A specification document has been developed with contributions from all the partners. The mLMS has been built and it contains functionality for storage of mlearning courses and access for students to the courseware.

In year 2 of the project the additional functionality in the project proposal will be bolted on: student support services allowing voice/SMS/email communication between the student and teacher and student to other students(s).

Workpackage 2 - Prototype development of didactic environment of Personal Digital Assistants ( PDAs)

This work-package comprises a technical working paper on Prototype development of didactic environment for Personal Digital Assistants ( PDAs) and the didactic environment has been developed. A full course on "Sales and Services" has been developed with advanced technologies for PDAs.

Workpackage 3 - Prototype development of didactic environment for Smart phones

The didactive environment has been designed and two courses, one in English and one in Hungarian, have been developed for smartphones. The course in English, WCDMA Overview, exemplifies the presentation of complex graphics on smartphones. The course in Hungarian is an innovative presentation of a course in Art Appreciation with illustrations of works of art and commentary and background information.

Workpackage 4 - Prototype development of didactic environment for mobile phones

This work-package features a course on University Statistics and carries an innovative game for mobile screens in illustrating statistical principals

Workpackage 5 - The book of the project

Workpackage 6 - Testing of didactic environment for PDAs

Workpackage 7: Testing of didactic environment for Smartphones

Workpackage 8 - Testing of didactic environment for mobile phones

Download a video demonstration of all products. (password protected)

Mobile Learning Survey Late 2005

This survey involves experts in companies from the educational sector who are involved in the design, production and implementation of educational material.


Last published October 2008

Mlearning - The Future of Mobile?

Presentations are now available from the conference held on 9 September 2005

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This project is supported by the Leonardo Da Vinci programme of the European Commission.
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