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IADIS - Mobile Learning 2005

The main focus of this paper covers the imperative to develop courseware for handheld devices, the technical development of courseware for smartphones and what technologies underpinned the development. Secondarily, it assesses student evaluation of using this medium for study.

The theme of this presentation is the importance for the field of mobile learning of emerging from its current project status and to become established in mainstream education and training.

Learntec 2004


18th AAOU Annual Conference on Quality Education for All: New Missions and Challenges Facing Open Universities

  • Paper
    Desmond Keegan was one of the Keynote speakers at this conference on 28th-30th November 2004. The theme of this conference is "Quality Education for all - New Missions and Challenges facing Open Universities". The other keynote speakers have focused on the first half of this theme 'Quality education for all'. In his paper, Des has chosen to focus on the other part of the theme: 'New missions and challenges facing Open Universities'.

  • Presentation
    In this presentation, Desmond Keegan gives the background and definition of mobile learning. There are 5 current examples of mobile learning projects given.

Mlearn 2004

  • Presentation
    This presentation, entitled "Mobile Learning: Histobrick", comprises the slides shown by Georg Strohlein in his talk in the MLearn 2004 conference in the Castello Odescalchi di Bracciano on 5th June 2004 as well as some remarks added afterwards to explain the slides. Georg's presentation discusses the use of "Edutainment" as a means for mobile learning.

21st World ICDE Conference

  • Paper

  • This is the paper presented at the 21st World Conference on Open & Distance Education, "Lifelong Learning in the Networked World", Hong Kong 18-21 February 2004 by Torstein Rekkedal, Professor, Director R & D and Truls Fagerberg, Systems Developer in NKI Distance Education Norway.
  • Presentation

  • This presentation is entitled "Enhancing the Flexibility of Distance Education - Designing and Trying out a Learning Environment for Mobile Distance Learners".

mlearning articles

mlearning websites

  • From e-Learning to m-Learning

    This project sets in place the first stage in the creation of a global provision of training on the wireless internet. It sets in place the first building block for the next generation of learning: the move from distance learning (d-Learning) and electronic learning (e-Learning) to mobile learning (m-Learning).

  • Mobile-Lingo

    Software mobile learning applications that can be downloaded to a mobile device. Learning products include French, Spanish, Italian or German vocabulary and quizes and a sign language course with self-tests.
  • Mobile Mind

  • Short article detailing mobile learning applications using J2ME and MMS technologies. Contains an interesting idea for learning bird-song!
  • pjb Associates

  • pjb Associates is a partnership, focusing on the new opportunities for lifelong learning through e-learning, community networking and e-commerce developments. pjb Associates have collected a number of useful papers and articles and other resources as well as continuing to monitor research projects. They also run a m-learning newsclip service aimed at keeping up to date with developments in this area.


  • M-learning is a pan-European research and development programme. It is aimed at young adults, aged 16 to 24, who are most at risk of social exclusion in Europe.

  • MOBIlearn project website

  • MOBIlearn is a worldwide European-led research and development project exploring context-sensitive approaches to informal, problem-based and workplace learning by using key advances in mobile technologies.

  • E-Learning Centre

    Resources (including links to projects) on mobile learning (or m-learning) as well as wireless learning.

  • text-a-parent

    text-a-parent is an Irish School to Parents Messaging System. It enables school principals to instantly communicate with some or all of the parents/guardians in their school. The service guarantees that essential messages are received by the child(ren)’s parents or guardians. It is ideal for unpredictable events such as enforced school closure, last minute time table change or truancy

  • The m-LRN Project

    This project centers around active learning theories and endeavors to engage mobile-phone savvy student with the environment around them, through exploration of educational locations which relate directly to the Junior Cert. curriculum. This was developed by three students from DCU: Philip Maguire - Flash Lite Development & Action Script Programming, Naomi Kelly - Content Development & Editor and Colette Godfrey - Creative Direction, Interface & Web Design.


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Mlearning - The Future of Mobile?

Presentations are now available from the conference held on 9 September 2005

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