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mLearning - The Future of Mobile?

Ericsson Education September 9th 2005

M-Learning: The Future of Mobile?

Today as we face into a wireless future, there is an inevitable movement towards mobile learning, that is, education and training on PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), palmtops, handheld devices, smartphones and mobile phones.

All over the world wireless technologies are taking over from wired technologies. The statistics are stunning: there are now 1.500.000.000 mobile devices in the world; over 50% of all employees spend up to half of their time outside the office; by the end of 2003 more than 525.000.000 web-enabled phones had been shipped; worldwide mobile commerce reached $200 billion in 2004; multi-purpose handheld devices (PDAs and telephone) will outsell laptop and desktop computers combined by 2005.

Nearly all higher-education students in Europe use mobiles in their everyday lives. However, these students do not use them for education, a situation that is now being addressed by the Leonardo-funded Mobile Learning project In this project, mobile learning was made available initially on PDAs. This development has now been followed by mobile learning on smartphones. The Opera browser has been adopted and development now takes place in XHTML rather than WML. The result is that dynamic pages with interactivity and much greater interest for the student can be produced.

This conference will explore the future of mobile learning.

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Where it's on:

This conference will be held at:

Ericsson Education Dublin,
Adelphi Centre,
Upper Georges St.,
Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. ,


09.00 Welcome Address
(Ed O'Brien, Ericsson Education)

09.15 mLearning – how far has it come?
( Dr. Desmond Keegan, DEI, Ireland)

09.45 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: mLearning: Doing the unthinkable and reaching the unreachable!
( Dr Tom Brown, University of Pretoria)

10.15 Break

10.45 mLearning for Smartphones
( Bryan Jones, Ericsson Education, Andras Gabor, Corvinus University, Budapest)

11.15 mLearning for PDAs
( Torstein Rekkedal, NKI, Norway)

11.45 mLearning for Mobiles
(Dr. Bernd Krämer, FernUniversität Germany)

12.15 Lunch

13.30 What do students think of mLearning?
( Aleksander Dye, NKI, Norway)

14.00 Three parallel sessions (offered three times)

  1. Designing for the PDA Environment
  2. Designing for the Mobile Environment
  3. Designing for the Smartphone Environment

(Truls Fagerberg, NKI, Norway / Michael Averstegge, FernUniversität / Bryan Jones, Ericsson Education / Gabor Kismihok, Corvinus University, Budapest)

16.15 Product Update - Sony Ericsson
(Pat Hughes, Sony Ericsson)

16.35 The Future of Learning
(Judy Nix, Ericsson Education)

16.45 Conclusion
(Ed O'Brien, Ericsson Education)

Registration for the conference is free of charge but delegates are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs.

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Mlearning - The Future of Mobile?

Presentations are now available from the conference held on 9 September 2005

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